Trade Unions are collectives of workers who come together and use the power of unity to achieve common goals. 

Traditionally, this would be; the negotiation of wages, work rules, complaint procedures, the hiring, firing, and promotion of workers, benefits,  workplace safety, and policies through the increased bargaining power wielded by the creation of a monopoly of the workers.

These goals have culminated in the creation of;  the  40-hour work week, the weekend, paid holidays,  annual leave, employment contracts to be bilateral, maternity and paternity leave,   the minimum wage,  the ability to negotiate salary,  and the idea of arbitration rather than dismissal. 

However, we must never stop fighting, and today unions not only fight to protect the above rights hard won by our forebearers but to increase workers rights and protections. 
In an age of zero-hours exploitative contracts, bogus self-employment in the gig economy, and austerity,  it has never been more important for working people to come together and fight back as a collective, to regain the balance of power between employer and employee, and to create a sense of community against a neo-liberal society.

Our aim is to harness the power of every person who believes in fairness, equality, and equity. To join together and create a  community which can use the power of solidarity and collectivism to redress the imbalances in our current society.

Each voice we add makes us louder, each body we have makes us bigger, each mind we have makes us smarter. With each new member to a Trade Union, we can reclaim power for working people.

As a member of a Trade Union, you are helping not only yourself but sharing your power, knowledge, and experience with everyone who is also a member of that Trade Union.

This is why we promote everyone to become a member of a Trade Union, and we would like them to empower themselves by joining together as Unite and creating a better society for everyone.