Unite is a lay-member led, democratic organisation.  Our structure is one in which members are encouraged to get involved and have their say,  participation from the membership is key to everything that Unite does.

Unite Scotland operates similarly to our Parliament structure. 
Our Executive Council is our elected ruling body, similar to that of an MP.
Our Committee members are made up from workplaces reps who are elected by other workplace reps, their roles are similar to that of an MSP.
Our workplace reps have a role not unlike councilors, working in their local areas to provide support and assistance, whilst at the same time feeding the information they gain into their branches and committees.

You can read the most current   Unite Rulebook here, these are the rules that all members must follow. These rules are created and amended at our rules conference which is held every four years. 
Amendments to rules may be approved by a simple majority of those voting at this conference, our rules are created by the members, not the staff, so if you wish to propose a change to the rules, see the guidance notes from our executive council here.

Please note: Members that require braille or large print formats may request this by  emailing Unite's Support Unit.